Our culture

We encourage our learners and ourselves to be lifelong learners, based on our values of respect, integrity, empathy and collaboration.

The Centre is a learning organisation that offers clients learning opportunities along a continuum. We deliver formal learning, education and skills programs as well as community development programs that embrace informal learning.

As an organisation, we encourage our clients and ourselves to be lifelong learners – this includes being curious and taking responsibility for our own learning, whether it is formal learning for the job, or learning about what each of us do here at The Centre, or learning how to productively connect with each other to achieve our vision. We achieve wonderful outcomes with our clients that are often life changing and transformational.

Our values

  • Respect – We respect the right of all people to access opportunities to learn, grow and achieve the goals that are appropriate for them as an individual within their own circumstances.
  • Integrity – We value excellence and accountability in everything we do; we are committed to always being honest and trustworthy.
  • Empathy – We provide a safe environment that embraces diversity and equality. We value every person’s potential and their right to take action to improve their lives.
  • Collaboration – We work together to inspire our communities and individuals to achieve positive change. We are bold, relevant and open to change. We embrace formal and informal learning, and welcome every opportunity to develop wisdom, skills and knowledge.

Our culture provides more detail on how we live those values in our daily work.