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  • Sandra

    Our passion
    is your success.


    'I had a break, and then decided to change my career. Now I am happy in my new job, which I found right after completing my certificate course.'

    Certificate IV in Disability

  • Liam

    Our passion
    is your success.


    'If you believe that you can do something, you go for it. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, just go for it. And if you fail, you just keep trying until you succeed.'

    Ability Me

  • Peter

    Our passion
    is your success.


    'If there is one thing I would say, then it is that you are never too old to learn. It may be scary at first, but you quickly find out it is worth it.'

    Certificate III in Education Support

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Just jump in!

Meet Faith from The Centre in Wodonga. She used to be a stay-at-home mum, but everything changed when she got a chance to study through the CVGT Parents Next Program. From that point on, Faith’s journey took off!

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The Centre is a Learn Local adult community education provider based in North East Victoria, which provides programs throughout the Hume region.

  • Bring some joy to their lives

    Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme

    Give one hour per fortnight to visit socially-isolated elderly at their home or in an aged-care facility.

  • Sport North East

    Sport and Recreation

    Sport North East supports people of all ages and abilities in North East Victorian communities to live an active lifestyle, and participate in sport and active recreation.