Employable me helps learners to identify their strengths, interests, skills, life stage limitations and life stage opportunities. It assists them to explore possible pathways to employment or further study.

The sessions include: identifying personal strengths and transferrable skills and relating them to career pathways; an introduction to studying at TAFE; initial preparation for job interviews; understanding the benefits of volunteering in building networks; and developing a personal Action Plan.

In this course, learners develop a better understanding of themselves; what they have to offer as an employee; and the areas of employment in which they would like to work.

This course is designed to lead on to the pre-accredited Moving On course, but may lead directly into employment or further study as identified by the learners according to their interests.

Pathways to TAFE programs developed by ACFE and made available to the Learn Local network

Duration: 30 hours (10 weeks x 3 hours)