I Am is all about you.  You are the expert in this course, as you know yourself better than anyone.  Becoming self-aware, it is about having the strong, positive belief that you have the capacity and the skills to achieve your goals and start constructing a positive lifestyle.

It is based on the concepts of positive psychology, including the ‘growth mindset’. It is designed to inspire learners to successfully progress with a positive self-concept into further study such as Step Up (Adult Literacy and Numeracy pre-accredited course) and Getting There (Certificate II in General Education for Adults).

Its focus is on the Australian Core Skills Framework of learning and communication at levels 1 and 2 relevant to life skills as well as future employment and learning goals.

The course helps you gain a clearer understanding about who you are and what you are capable of in life, and identify the personal strengths and resources at your disposal to go into further study and/or employment.

Duration: 21 hours (3.5 hours per day over 6 weeks)