Good news for The Centre

The Centre receives additional support to deal with downturn in enrolments.

The Adult, Community and Further Education Board (ACFE) and the Department of Education and Training this week have announced additional support for The Centre and other Learn Locals and community-based training providers to help deal with lower student numbers and interrupted operations this year.

We, and other community-based training providers, are very grateful to the Department of Education and Training and the ACFE Board for their help at a very difficult time.  This support recognises the exceptionally difficult circumstances and the important work we all do in our communities and will ensure the continuity of our programs and courses into the next year,” says Carol Nolan, Chair of the Board.

The package of support measures provided by the ACFE Board include a grant for innovation of training delivery to meet local need and an increase in the funding rate from 2023.

The Department of Education and Training is providing a one-off support payment to eligible community-based Skills First training providers, in recognition that the anticipated quick recovery in student numbers following COVID has not occurred, and to support preparations for delivery in 2023.

In the past months, The Centre has taken tough measures to reduce its staff and cut costs where possible, and I want to express my regret again to those staff and their families who are impacted.

The support of the Department of Education and Training and the ACFE Board secures our future and provides the capacity to continue our important work,” says Ms Nolan.

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