Community Visitors Scheme

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Community Visitors Scheme

The Community Visitor Scheme (CVS) has been successfully run by The Centre, since 1992. The CVS is very proud to have over 100 amazing volunteers who visit across the Hume region.

Community Visitors are caring and compassionate people who enjoy giving back to their community. They volunteer a little of their spare time to visit residents who live in Aged Care facilities and in their own homes, who are lonely, in need of companionship and a friendly face to visit them.

The visits are one-on-one, for an hour a fortnight. The benefits that a special friend can bring to the life of a person who experiences loneliness are endless. Community Visitors fill an important role in the community by ensuring a socially isolated person feels cared for and connected.

Group visits involve a volunteer visiting two or more residents, as a small group, at the one time. This program helps encourage residents living in Aged Care facilities to build their own new friendships.

The CVS presents many opportunities for people who have an appreciation for elderly people and we welcome and encourage new volunteers to join us.

Would you like to be one of our special volunteers?

Would you like to bring a smile to someone who is lonely and needing company?

Please call us for a friendly chat to find out more information and how you can become involved.


You can download our recent Newsletters below

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The CVS has numerous examples of how important the program is to socially isolated older members of our community as well as the benefits the volunteers receive. A quiet young man who now regularly visits an elderly gentleman at a facility has stated that his visit is the highlight of his week. His mother has also noticed how beneficial the relationship with an older man has been for her son. The resident has also enjoyed teaching his young visitor some important life skills. The staff at the facility love seeing the two together and the wonderful relationship they have been able to build through the program.