Staff Login

This page is intended for staff actively employed by The Centre for Continuing Education.

Below are links allowing access to web based e-mail and Virtual Desktop Services. Your usage of these services implies acceptance of The Centre’s IT Fair Use Policy.

  • Click here to access Web based email
  • Click here to access Virtual Desktop Services (VDI)

When prompted for a username the format is:


Make sure you use the correct back slash, above the ENTER key

Why is it so? What works under virtual desktop and what does not.

Below is a list things that are known to not work under virtual desktop:

  • CD/DVD burning: It is not possible to burn CDs or DVDs under virtual desktop
  • Accessing C:  drive: When logged into virtual desktop the C: drive is non-persistent, do not save anything to C:  drive as C:  drive is not saved.
  • Mobile phones & tablets: Mobile phones and tablets will only work if configured in mass storage mode to appear as a USB drive, enabling this varies between models but guides can usually be found on Google, syncing with iTunes is not supported.
  • Digital still and video cameras: Like mobile phones and tablets cameras must be configured in mass storage mode or alternatively remove the memory card and use a card reader connected via USB.
  • Webcams:  It is not possible to use a webcam in a virtual desktop.
  • Scanners: Most scanners will not work correctly with virtual desktop.
  • Headsets: Headsets connected via the standard audio ports will function however USB types may or may not.
  • Task Manager: Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL will not display your VDI Tasks but rather the tasks running on your physical machine which will be basically nothing, to access Task Manager right click the task bar and click on Task Manager

Connecting USB devices and flash drives to virtual desktop sessions.

To connect a USB flash drive or other USB device once your virtual desktop session has loaded;

    1. Click the add new device icon.
    2. Tick the device you wish to have connected, USB flash drives will appear as MASS Storage device.

It may take up to 60 seconds for the device to appear under your virtual desktop session and occasionally you must disconnect and then reconnect the device.  USB devices can only be connected to one virtual desktop session at a time.