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Program leader Chris invites carers to contact her, to see how the Program can help you find suitable training or work.

Careers for carers

Many people play a role in caring for family or friends who are suffering from a long-term illness or disability. In the Shires of Wangaratta, Benalla, Alpine and Moira, there are an estimated 5000 carers who give their time selflessly.

The duty of care can be hard. Moreover, unpaid carers need to balance their duties of care with the demands of work or training.

The Carers Employment Support Program supports unpaid carers in finding training and work that is compatible with their caring commitments. Each carer benefits from individual case management by a professional from The Centre.

The program helps carers by:

  • Working together to understand their situation, obligations, and life goals
  • Identifying actions to improve their own health, wellbeing and community participation
  • Co-designing a learning and achievement plan
  • Exploring employment and career options by specialised job advocates and career counsellors
  • Finding options for learning and skills development, including confidence building and core work skills

The program runs through to the end of December 2022 and is funded by  The Victorian government – Department of Families, Fairness & Housing.

Are you a carer?

For more information, you can contact:

Christine Greentree
0432 911 100


2022 Carer flyer

2022 Carer flyer

Expression of interest

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