Message from Carol Nolan, Chair of the Board

Carol Nolan, Board Chair, announces measures to deal with a downturn in learners

The Centre is facing challenging times, and as chair, I would like to share with you how we are addressing these challenges.

In its sixty years of serving Wangaratta and other local communities, The Centre has learnt that demand for education goes up and down, and this year is a time when we are attracting lower than expected numbers of learners and clients.

We are experiencing a similar downturn to other educational providers in our sector, which has been compounded by the impacts of COVID restrictions and lockdowns over the past two years.

As a result, our income has fallen. The board and management have already put in place a series of measures to combat these challenging circumstances.

The board and leadership of The Centre are exploring additional measures to manage the downturn, including opportunities to increase our income as well as other short-term relief.

An organisational restructure is one measure we need to take. We understand and appreciate that this restructure will impact our staff and their families.  We will work through this with care and in consultation with staff and our business partners.

We are confident that with the right organisational structure and support we will continue to support and service Wangaratta and other local communities.

We are working as quickly as possible to put these measures in place, and thereby address the understandable concerns of our staff and partners.

Carol Nolan

Board Chair

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