Liam Mossop wins Anne Pennington Award 2021

Liam Mossop (20) was announced winner of the Anne Pennington Award 2021 at the awards ceremony in Wangaratta on 30 November.

The award was handed to Liam by Mr. Docker, the brother of the late Anne Pennington.

“Liam is like a sponge who takes in what we teach him, puts it into action, and actively asks for feedback,” said his trainer Michelle Crofts who read out his nomination.

The Anne Pennington Award celebrates adult learners who show exceptional dedication to learning new skills, teamwork and helping others, as well as persistence to overcome personal difficulties.

Liam was one of seven nominees, aged between 20 and 60. They all have inspirational stories of their motivation and ability to learn, and how they have overcome personal difficulties.

They are shining examples of the thousands of adults across our region – many with learning difficulties, disabilities, or other barriers – who start or get back to learning later in life.

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