Virtual Classroom

In light of the evolving Coronavirus situation and the limitations that have been put in place with physical distancing, The Centre for Continuing Education has shifted their traditional face to face training delivery into our Virtual Classroom.

Launching this April, the Centre’s Virtual Classroom will bring the features of learning on campus into a safe online setting, with learners participating in live classes and virtual discussions.

Our Design and Development team had been working on our virtual classroom capability for the past six months as a way to increase accessibility for learners in circumstances that make it difficult for them to attend face-to-face classes.

However, like many other businesses, the Coronavirus has hastened our plans and we have moved very quickly to make this option available to all of our learners at the commencement of term 2, reducing disruption to learning caused by the need for physical distancing.

All learners will be fully supported by our friendly staff to succeed through their online learning. To keep the familiar as much as possible, The Centre will continue to provide all of our learners with textbooks and hard copy learning resources.

The Virtual classroom is simple to use, with access available via all devices, including desktop or laptop computers as well as a smart phone or mobile tablet device. Students who were already learners at The Centre will be transitioned into the Virtual Classroom when they return from their holiday break. Enrolments continue to be open for new learners with new classes offered to those interested in enrolling to upskill and explore a new career path.

Our trainers have used the holiday break to be fully trained in the use of the technology. This includes training to build their skills in fully engaging and interacting with learners in this online space.

We have also trained our Learner Engagement Officers (LEOs) to provide virtual support.  Working with our teaching staff, our LEOs will provide ongoing support for learners to help them embrace the technology and make it work for them. Our LEOs will also be a key person for each learner to navigate any other issues they may be experiencing in their lives that causes learning to be difficult.

All of our learners will be supported by a “person” in the virtual classroom. If any problems arise, we are only a phone call away.

This mode of learning is available to all of our learners, including those completing Foundation programs through to accredited certificate qualifications. This includes our learners with cognitive disabilities, job seekers, people with a disability, people seeking to change careers. The online platform we are using is simple and straightforward to use and is low on its usage of data. Those learners who don’t own or have access to a device will be loaned a device by The Centre.

If you are at a loose end at home, or are in the position where you are considering a different career, please pick up the phone and talk to us about learning opportunities available for you at The Centre by calling 1300 843 236