If you are a job seeker, this course will prepare you for entry into a workplace as an entry-level worker.

Every course is developed in partnership with one or more employers who are looking for entry-level workers. You will do a series of activities that help you get ready for work in that workplace.

You will work on the skills needed to find a job and start work, for instance:

  • Understanding your behaviour, presentation, skills, strengths and experience
  • Improving maths, reading, computer, communication, and phone skills
  • Understanding employer expectations and your responsibilities
  • Health and safety, and your rights as an employee
  • Working independently

This course includes workplace visits and an induction. The employer will explain more about the workplace and the requirements of the work. You will spend the day with a buddy to watch and help where possible.

Duration: 60 hours. You will spend 30 hours in the classroom, and 12 hours at the employer’s workplace.