Reconnect – to Education and Learning @ The Centre

What is Reconnect?

Reconnct to education and training at The CentreReconnect is a Victorian Government initiative, funded by the Department of Education and Training.

The Centre is delivering Reconnect within the following Shires:

Wangaratta, Benalla, Moira and Mitchell.

How does it work?

You will have access to a dedicated Learner Engagement Officer to help you develop your individual learning and achievement plan and get support from other agencies if needed.

We will help you build on your individual strengths and experience.
Programs and activities include:

  • Getting There – an engaging and supportive program to help you with employment skills, gain self-awareness, and develop skills in reading, writing and numbers
  • Strengthening Family Connections – a family therapy program that will help you and your family rebuild communications, relationships, and reduce conflict
  • Taking Learning to the Learner and Skills Passport – workplace skills taught within a familiar environment, e.g. your child’s local primary school
  • Short learning programs to develop knowledge, skills and familiarity with specific industries and workplaces through industry taster courses, and develop basic technical skills for specific roles, e.g. business administration and computers at work.
    Workplace visits and talks with employers to build networks and potential employment opportunities.
Reconnect Wangaratta

Who is eligible?

  • young people aged 17-19 who are disengaged early school leavers, not currently enrolled in school or any education and training and/or full time employment
  • long term unemployed people aged 20-64 without year 12 or equivalent attainment.

Reconnect is a Victorian Government initiative, and funded by the Department of Education and Training.

For further information on Reconnect please contact Colette McNeill on (03) 5721 0200 or email learnerengage@thecentre.vic.edu.au.