Career Development

Our fully qualified Career Development Officer can help you with a range of services such as:

  • Interview clients to obtain employment history, education and career goals
  • Assist clients to establish career goals and to develop education or other plans
  • Identify barriers to education or employment
  • Administer and interpret tests designed to determine the interests, aptitudes and abilities of clients
  • Assess need for assistance such as rehabilitation, financial aid or further training
  • Assist clients with implementing education, career or other plans
  • Provide clients with information on maintaining a job
  • Assist clients with job readiness skills
  • Assist clients with job search strategies
  • Assist clients with writing resumes
  • Assist clients to prepare for job interviews
  • Provide clients with information on moving within an organization
  • Provide clients with information on dealing with job dissatisfaction
  • Provide clients with information on making a mid-career change

We can also provide consulting services to community groups and agencies, business and industry, and to other organisations involved in providing community-based career planning resources.

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