Getting There

An engaging and supportive learning and education program that helps you gain the confidence and skills to apply for and gain employment, or go onto further education.

Locations: Wangaratta, Broadford, Mansfield, Yea, Seymour and Benalla

15 face to face hours per week and 10 non-contact hours per week.

This course is undertaken through:

  • 22472VIC Certificate I in General Education for Adults
  • 22473VIC Certificate II in General Education for Adults

which are accredited language, literacy and numeracy programs.


The demand for enterprise skills is on the rise.

Gain enterprise and employability skills while you learn about:

  • Getting There CGEA SeymourThe world around us – understanding how our cultural and social structures shape our lives.
  • Wellbeing, health and happiness – where are you now, what are your blockers and how can you flip them
  • Being a great employee and working with others – who are you and how can you work well with others in a team
  • Meeting employers’ expectations – what are our employers looking for and how can you be a really great asset for your employer
  • Goals and your future – where do you want to go and what is stopping you from getting there
  • Self management and budgeting – skills for managing stress and being organised
  • Communication and technology at work – using computers and technology to work effectively with others in the workplace
  • Introduction to computers for work – find your way around MS Office, emails and the internet for work
  • Numbers and calculations in the workplace – learn skills to undertake calculations required in the workplace, including using a calculator for work
  • Resume writing, job search and applications, interviews – improve your resume using the understanding you have gained about yourself through this course, practice skills to prepare for and be successful in interviews
  • Starting a new job – your first day, what to expect and how to make it a success, taking pride in your work


Across all industries, enterprise skills comprise more that 50% of the job requirements in the job advertisements.


Meet Melissa, she needed to do something to get out of the house, to get the back out into the world and to show everyone what she can actually do.

Jobs are more related than we realise.
You can gain skills not just for one job….
But for at least 13 jobs*

* Foundation for Young Australians (2016) The New Basics

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