General Learning

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

The program is open to youth and adults seeking to complete a senior secondary qualification. VCAL consists of 5 core curriculum areas which ensure our learners are work ready when they complete their program.

General Education

Find out how you can learn differently and how much fun it can be.  You can begin with the basics or build on the skills you already have to develop your reading, writing, maths and communication skills.  Units of study are topic based; a great way to build on your reading and writing while investigating areas of personal interest.

Adult Reading and Writing Short Course

This is a short adult literacy course tailored to suit adults who want to improve their reading and writing for everyday use.


f you are planning to start a qualification next year, but haven’t studied for a while, then this short course is for you. Success4U will help you to understand what to expect when you start a course and fully prepare you for success.

Getting There

An engaging and supportive learning and education program that helps you gain the confidence and skills to apply for and gain employment, or go onto further education.