Benalla Aged Care Study Partnership

Taking a whole-of-person view of student learning and development, The Centre provides education and training programs for people from age 16 through to 65 that helps learners build core work skills. These are the transferable skills that make people employable for not just one job, but numerous jobs. Employers need workers who can, for example, work within a team, think creatively and find solutions, communicate well, and be able to work in a digital world.

The Centre also has strong partnerships with industry, ensuring that learners are able to access work placement, graduate with current skills and are truly ready for day one in the workplace.

The partnership developed between Cooinda Village aged care and The Centre has proven to be a winning combination. Learners complete their aged care qualification (CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support – Ageing, Home & Community) on site in Benalla. The classes run on site two days a week, with learners receiving theory training on the Thursday, and are putting their news skills to practice in the industry the very next day at the aged care home. Learners graduating from its Cooinda program secure employment between 90 and 100% of the time, often before they have fully completed their course.


The Centre provides learners with a warm, welcoming and supportive space to develop skills at their own pace with wrap-around support from its Learner Engagement Team to assist learners to re-engage in learning and move on to further training or work.

Rita is a recently graduated learner at The Centre who started her journey to aged care as a newcomer to the Benalla community – looking to “pay it forward” and give back to her newly adopted local community.

“I was at a crossroads in my life. I couldn’t look after the people who I love due to distance from them, which is what I wanted the most. So, when I saw a flyer on a community notice board, I decided to find out more about studying to work in aged care.” Rita said.

As a mature-aged learner looking at starting a new career, Rita was apprehensive about returning to study.

“I was nervous. Going back to study was daunting for me. But things really clicked when I connected with the lovely staff at Cooinda, and the on-the-job training and volunteering exposure made me realise I was surrounded by people that shared a passion for nursing and caring for people. It was these people who convinced me that I’d made the right choice.”

And while there were other options available as a pathway into aged care, Rita says it was the people who have had the most impact in her learning journey.

“I was looking at studying with a larger education facility, but the course with The Centre and Cooinda enabled me to start my study sooner, and to really make my transition into the Benalla community much smoother.

“I was able to connect with other carers and nurses while I was studying, and through the course of this program they have become my colleagues and friends. Karla, my trainer from The Centre, was so inspiring, she really made my learning journey enjoyable. The bonus was, I didn’t have to leave Benalla to study.”

When asked about the opportunities offered by a career in aged care through the Cooinda partnership, Rita voiced that avenues were wide open in front of her.

“So many doors are open to me now. Aside from the career benefits, I have the personal benefit that I now feel useful and that I live with purpose – offering in-the-home aged care to some truly beautiful people.”

Rita studied CHC33015 – Certificate 3 Individual Support through a partnership between The Centre and Cooinda Aged Care, Benalla. For more information to enrol in this course in Benalla, or at our other locations of Wangaratta and Seymour commencing this July, please phone 1300 843 236 or complete this contact form.