About The Centre

The Centre for Continuing Education Inc (The Centre ABN:22 135 103 997) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO TOID 4172) providing nationally recognised training. The Centre is a Community College focused on adult education and service provision based in North East Victoria.

The Centre has a longstanding history of providing education and training services including lifelong learning and community development opportunities. The business mix changes over time to reflect learning and community service requirements within the community.

The Centre is a community based organisation, strongly linked with Federal, State and Local Government; business and industry; schools, TAFE, and universities; community groups and organisations. In its provision of services to individuals and the community, The Centre works co-operatively through alliances and partnerships with a wide range of organisations and educational institutions.

The Centre is recognised for its ability to tailor programs and services to meet the needs of individuals, business and the community, while maintaining a learner centred approach as a core of all activities. The wide variety of opportunities offered at The Centre include:

  • Accredited and pre-accredited training
  • Customised training for industry and individuals
  • Industry relevant compliance training
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Flexible learning
  • Adult Literacy and VCAL
  • Sport North East
  • Youth Programs and VCAL


Vibrant communities that value learning


The Centre works with local communities to empower individuals to unlock their potential through participation, connections, pathways and learning.

Values & Behaviours:

These values and behaviours guide us in how we do things here at The Centre. Their purpose is to guide the Board, management, staff, and our learners and clients as they interact with us and our communities.

We respect the right of all people to access opportunities to learn, grow and achieve the goals that are appropriate for them as an individual within their own circumstances.

We value excellence and accountability in everything we do. We are committed to always being honest and trustworthy.

We provide a safe environment that embraces diversity and equality. We value every person’s potential and their right to take action to improve their lives.

We work in partnership with stakeholders, using their knowledge and skills and our own to create programs and services that add value to the lives of our people and communities.


The Centre for Continuing Education is pleased to be a member of the Central Hume Primary Care Partnership (Central Hume PCP).

Central Hume PCP improves the health and wellbeing of people in our communities. It enables collaboration and partnerships to deliver programs that respond to multiple complex health and wellbeing challenges facing our community. As one of 17 member organisations, we work together, making the most of available resources, avoiding duplication of effort and achieving outcomes our community needs and deserves.

While Central Hume PCP members work for the whole community, the people who most benefit from our role are typically the most disadvantaged.

You can read more about how Central Hume PCP initiatives have improved health and wellbeing outcomes for our communities by following this link https://www.centralhumepcp.org/our-work/