Strengthening Your Voice


Do you have a passion for your community?  Do you advocate on behalf of your club, committee or neighbourhood? Are you keen to expand your social and professional network, and learn how to make a difference?

People with passion and vision are central to how communities make decisions, and how projects and services are ultimately delivered. In support of the role our residents hold, The Rural City of Wangaratta is excited to announce our 2018 Community Leadership Program so save the date!

The aim of the program is to support Wangaratta’s emerging leaders to:

– develop their leadership skills in a supportive environment;
– encourage involvement in our community’s Committees and Boards;
– establish new and exciting links with like-minded people;
– meet and work with Wangaratta’s decision makers; and
– contribute to a culture where community leadership is a recognised and rewarding activity.

Eligible applicants will participate in a four session program covering subjects such as; foundational leadership, leading others, leadership skills, public speaking, strategic planning and leading change. The program schedule has been developed in consideration of today’s busy working resident, with workshops scheduled for three full Sunday sessions and one weeknight.

SAVE THE DATE…….Programme dates 

Sunday 11th  February 9.30am – 4.30pm
Sunday 25th  February 9.30am -4.30pm
Sunday 4th  March 9.30am- 4.30pm
Monday 19th  March 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Please be advised that further information regarding the Expressions of Interest will be sent out in the very near future, so please start tapping your colleagues, contacts, friends and other people who you think would benefit from this fantastic program.

Visit the Rural City of Wangaratta website for more information .

If you have questions or want to talk about the program, please contact Zoe Giglio, Executive Assistant – Community Wellbeing on 5722 0720 or email