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Step Up – Youth Wangaratta


This page is for our Pre VCAL program, Step up.  Click here for information about VCAL.


Youth – Step UP is an option for young people (15 – 19) who are not in mainstream school and who may need a first-step program to get back into learning. This program is flexible and allows for each student to develop an individual learning and engagement plan to suit his or her own circumstances.

This course incorporates General Education for Adults and a range of short courses and projects as a step up to VCAL.  It is intended to prepare young people for the expectations of full time study and support them to succeed in their future education goals.

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To join the program, you will need to meet with the program coordinator to work out a tailored solution to your study needs. Fees and charges will vary depending upon individual circumstances – ask our friendly staff at The Centre for more information on 03 5721 0200 or email us

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About The Centre:

There is no school uniform as we provide an adult learning environment, small class sizes and additional support available to students who need it. We have customised programs which focus on reengaging adults and youth back into formal education.

The above video was produced by our VCAL class of 2016