WAVE project

Calling all older residents & carers living in the Rural City of Wangaratta!

Are you over 60 and living  live in the Rural City of Wangaratta?  On behalf of the Australian Institute of Primary Care and Ageing, Latrobe University is wanting to hear from people aged 60 years and older and who live in the Rural City of Wangaratta – about what is important to them to be healthy and well, as they grow older. They are also interested in hearing from carers of older people.  You can find out more about the project and submit feedback at  http://www.northeasthealth.org.au/wave-project/

The WAVE project, supported by Northeast Health Wangaratta and La Trobe University Wodonga, aims to determine how older people living in the Rural City of Wangaratta (RCOW) can be better supported to achieve optimal health and wellbeing outcomes. This information will be used to develop future aged care, health and community services and amenities/facilities to support well ageing.

If you’re over 65, or a family member/carer of an older person living in RCOW, we want to know what is important to you. Is transport an issue? Do you feel isolated or struggle to get to activities? Do you know what services are available? No matter what it is, we want to know how we can improve services to ensure that the RCOW is a great place to live for all older people.

To find out more about the WAVE project and how your information will be used, please contact;
Dr Rachel Winterton
John Richards Initiative
La Trobe University
Phone: (02) 6024 9778