Our newest Life Member Joe Caruso

Board Chair Rob Carolane, Mayor of the Rural City of Wangaratta Ken Clarke and Life Member Joe Caruso

Board Chair Rob Carolane, Mayor of the Rural City of Wangaratta Ken Clarke and Life Member Joe Caruso

Joe Caruso joined the Board of Governance in 1999 and served for 18 years. He brought considerable skills in finance, audit and management to The Centre’s governance.

In 2000 Joe was elected Treasurer of the Board. He was Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee from 2013 until 2017. More recently Joe was Chair of the new Finance Committee. His leadership of these committees was significant.

Joe has made many contributions to The Centre and has always been a passionate advocate for the organisation and for adult learning and community based education. This has been particularly the case in the last four years, as The Centre faced its most challenging time in its 54-year history.

Joe has made a fantastic contribution to the ongoing financial monitoring of The Centre’s finances. In collaboration with another Board Director, he set up a detailed monitoring tool that allows the Board to more easily oversee The Centre’s financial position, as well as.

Joe Caruso with Board Chair and The Centre Management Team

The Board and Management Team at The Centre. From L to R Melissa Giffard – Education and Training Department Manager, Helen Terris – Accountant, Felicity Williams – CEO, Rob Carolane – Board Chair, Joe Caruso – Life Member & Kerry Strauch – Community Programs and Services Department & Sport North East Regional Sports Assembly

Joe was also well known for asking probing, detailed financial questions that somebody with less financial capacity and assurance might not. He has been a great resource to the CEO and Management Accountant in providing oversight and advice on the financial progress of the organisation.

Joe has been an active and valuable contributor in meetings, presentations and other events. He attends all events where possible, and gets obvious enjoyment from his involvement.

Joe attended many of the staff briefings during 2015-2016 particularly providing support during the organisation’s restructure. He promoted a culture of transparency, and participated in open and honest conversations with staff. His steady and quietly confident presence at these, and other meetings, was of great assistance to the Chair and CEO, and provided assurance to staff.