Reconnect – to Education and Learning @ The Centre

Everyone has a talent and the ability to achieve positive things in life.

The Centre is very proud to now be a Reconnect provider for the Shires of Wangaratta, Benalla, Moira and Mitchell. Eligible Reconnect participants include:

  • Young people aged 17-19 who are disengaged early school leavers, not currently enrolled in school or any education and training and/or full time employment.

  • Long term unemployed people aged 20-64 without year 12 or equivalent attainment.

Youth EngagementReconnect provides one-to-one support, focussed on helping you to create and achieve positive changes for your life through re-engaging in education and learning. As a participant in Reconnect you will be supported by your Learner Engagement Officer (LEO) who will work closely with you to understand your goals, where your strengths and interests are and what is holding you back. Together with your LEO, you will build a plan based around your learning, work and personal goals, mapping out the pathway forward to achieving your goals.

Your LEO will support you throughout your learning journey, including

  • linking you with other services as required and working with those services who are already supporting you;
  • assisting you to build strategies to address any problems or challenges that may stop you from achieving your goals;
  • and, to be available, should you need support or a familiar face in and around your learning centre.

You will also have access to our Careers Counsellor and other Learner Engagement staff who will be there with you as you become involved in various Reconnect activities.

Our aim is to support you to gain confidence in yourself and the world around you, connect with others, recognise your strengths and current skills, build your core working skills which you can take from job to job and to successfully complete a vocational education and training course so you can move into meaningful employment and/or further training.

Reconnect is a Victorian Government initiative, and funded by the Department of Education and Training. For further information on Reconnect please contact Alex Adorni-Dickson on (03) 5721 0200 or email