Retrain for a new job in Aged and Home and Community Care

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Re-train for a new job in… Aged and Home and Community Care

If you have been retrenched, cannot find a job in your field or want to change jobs, we are offering this taster course to develop your skills to help you get a job in the community services industry.

Learn how to increase your communication skills, develop your knowledge of OH&S for working in an aged care environment and learn how to work with others, as well as gain an understanding of policies and procedures and how important they are in the community services sector.

Guest speakers will visit the classroom and you will be given the opportunity to work with volunteers in the Community Visitors Scheme, which is an opportunity to explore home and community care work.
You will also learn employment skills which will help you write your resume, apply for a job, practice your interview skills, and get feedback and ways to improve your chances to get the job.

Contact The Centre for more information on 03 5721 0200 or email us