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2018 Course Dates

Enrolments Open for 2018 courses in a location near you.

CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support

  • Wangaratta – 29 January
  • Benalla – 31 January
  • Broadford / Wallan – 29 January
  • Baranduda – 1 February

CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability

  • Wangaratta – 29 January
  • Broadford / Wallan – 29 January

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support

  • Wangaratta – 1 February
  • Benalla – 1 February (Partnership with Cooinda)
  • Broadford / Wallan – 31 January

22301VIC Certificate I in Transition Education

  • Wangaratta – 17 January

22302VIC Certificate I in Work Education

  • Wangaratta – 15 January

AHC30116 Certificate III in Agriculture

  • New Course starting in January 2018

Course guide out soon. Call 5721 0200 or email

Strengthening Your Voice


Do you have a passion for your community?  Do you advocate on behalf of your club, committee or neighbourhood? Are you keen to expand your social and professional network, and learn how to make a difference?

People with passion and vision are central to how communities make decisions, and how projects and services are ultimately delivered. In support of the role our residents hold, The Rural City of Wangaratta is excited to announce our 2018 Community Leadership Program so save the date!

The aim of the program is to support Wangaratta’s emerging leaders to:

– develop their leadership skills in a supportive environment;
– encourage involvement in our community’s Committees and Boards;
– establish new and exciting links with like-minded people;
– meet and work with Wangaratta’s decision makers; and
– contribute to a culture where community leadership is a recognised and rewarding activity.

We are hiring

View our Current Vacancies:

  • Education Support Trainer in Wangaratta and Baranduda.
  • Individual Support in Wangaratta
  • Forklift Trainer in Wangaratta
  • Design Disability Course Material Resource Kits
  • Project Development Consultant (PDC)
  • Literacy and Numeracy Trainers – Wallan / Kilmore
  • Business Development Officer

View our Current Vacancies page to find out more.

Become a Community Visitor

Certificate III in Individual Support Wangaratta Broadford Horsham Benalla

The Centre for Continuing Education presents many exciting volunteering opportunities. One of these is the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) social support program for residents experiencing isolation and loneliness.

Social isolation is an ever-increasing challenge in our communities due to factors such as the death of a partner, living alone or a move to a new location. Providing greater opportunities for older people to participate meaningfully in community life is considered to be essential in overcoming this isolation.

CVS matches volunteers with a resident for a regular visit of an hour a fortnight to provide conversation, friendship and companionship. This can involve a chat over a cup of tea or coffee, reading the paper, playing board games or cards, discussing mutual interests or enjoying a wander around the garden. It may also include an occasional outing down the street to a café, a walk in a local park or a drive around the local area. For the resident this can keep them in touch with outside interests, news and happenings in their local area. Benefits to the resident can be reducing their feelings of loneliness and isolation by making them feel cared for and valued.

CVS is a free program for residents of a Government subsidised Aged Care Facility.

Community Visitors Scheme WangarattaWould you like to become one of our special volunteers?
Becoming a CVS volunteer allows you the opportunity to use your life skills of listening, talking and sharing to brighten up someone else’s life. This helps the resident feel cared for and valued and can be the start of a rewarding long-term connection.


For further information about becoming a CVS volunteer, please contact Scott Landells:
• phone (03) 5721 0255
• email

Photo Competition and Exhibition

Pic of the Crop – Healthy Local Food photographic competition and exhibition

It’s on again!

Calling all young shutterbugs and fans of Tumblr and Instagram. It’s time to explore your local gardens and food sources and take part in our Pic of the Crop Photographic Competition and Exhibition and in the process be in the running to win cool cash prizes.

Open NOW, entries close – Thurs 23 March 2018

Click here for key dates and prizes