Board of Governance

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Trish Curtis

Board Member
Member of Planning and Strategy Sub-Committee

Trish has a background in adult education, having worked in the adult community education sector for a number of years. Her passion is development of communities through empowerment. A graduate of the Alpine Valley Community Leadership Program, Trish has developed strong networks throughout North East Victoria.
Rob Carolane

Deputy Chair Member of Planning and Strategy Sub-Committee
Delegated Chair of Audit and Risk Sub-Committee

Rob is a consultant facilitator working with The Regional Development Company based in Wangaratta. He was employed by EPA Victoria from 2005 to 2010 and was an employee of The Centre from 2002 to 2005.

Anneshka Brown

Chair of Board Member of PolicySub-Committee
Member of Planning and Strategy Sub-Committee

Anneshka has a particular interest in extending her experience on boards focused on governance and direction, (as opposed to operational support) within her regional community. She is particularly interested in organisations which have a broad reach within the community (such as health care, education, economical development and tourism).

Sheree Tivendale

Board Member
Member of Policy Sub-Committee

Member of Audit and Risk Sub-CommitteeSheree’s background is predominantly in education, having worked in the TAFE sector over many years and in varied roles; administration, apprenticeships and traineeships, student support, events and sponsorship, and most recently in marketing.